Tatsuya Shimazaki is a composer making light and gentle music from his home in Japan. His songs mostly consist of minimally arranged piano workouts, which he occasionally augments with reverb-laden strings. In my is his latest record; its 10 tracks are soft on the ears, and follow similar technical themes throughout, all of them showcasing his dexterous skills as a pianist.

嶋崎達也は、日本の彼の自宅で静かで優しい音楽を作っている作曲家である。彼の曲は、ほとんどが最小限のアレンジによるピアノ演奏の連続であり、時に弦楽器の繰り返しによって増音している。「In my」は10曲の耳障りの良い曲による彼の最新作であり、似通った技術的な主題を通して彼のピアニストとしての巧みなテクニックを披露している。

The Best New Ambient Music on Bandcamp, February 2018





1.kodama 2.sunbeams 3.mountain walk 4.stamp 5.annual tree ring

■music & art work : Tatsuya Shimazaki
■released May 12, 2022


1.Hvít þoka 2.Sólarljós 3.hvíld 4.Púðursnjór 5.Mountaineer 6.Drop sound 7.Kigi 8.Farðu og farðu 9.Geislar 10.defoliation

■music & art work : Tatsuya Shimazaki
■released February 22, 2022


1,voice of the night 2,cloud flow 3,mai 4,sunshine 5,sansui

■music & art work : Tatsuya Shimazaki
■released November 10, 2021


1.sunlight 2.kavella 3.dozing 4.tree wind 5.autumn sky 6.ilta 7.moonlit night 8.leaf litter 9.hatsushimo 10.first snow

■music & art work : Tatsuya Shimazaki
■released December 30, 2020

「small voice」

1,long river 2,yurari 3,holiday 4,Drizzle 5,sólarljós 6,auia 7,whimsical 8,seint

■music & art work : Tatsuya Shimazaki
■released August 7, 2020